Frequently Asked Questions

How are the files delivered?
After checkout, you will be sent an email with download links. The files are also downloadable at any time by logging in to your account.
What do I get with Images Only?
Images are all PNG files, and are listed in the Description for each product.
What program do I need to edit the vector files?
Vectors are available in either Illustrator .ai files, SVG files, or both. READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY on each product page to find out which are available. SVG files can be edited in any vector program, like Inkscape. Illustrator files need to be edited with Adobe Illustrator. You can find a trial version of Illustrator here.
Why do I have to make an account to download the free art?
So I can see how many people are downloading each item. It's free! I don't spam you. I probably will never email you at all.
Do you make custom art?
Unfortunately, I don't have the time to take on custom art projects. Sorry!