Going Free

Hello all! Since January of 2018, all art on Game Art Guppy is now free. Here’s why:

I started this site as a side project, intending to keep adding game art until Game Art Guppy was earning enough to stop working at Razeware, the company behind raywenderlich.com.

However, Razeware had different ideas. Our company has grown over the years, and I got more involved rather than less. Ray has a way of making that happen :]

At this point, I’m not creating game art at all – I’m creating book covers and illustrations for our site, and managing the behind-the-scenes stuff of a company like HR, payroll, and accounting. I have my hands plenty full these days, and no intentions of creating lots of game art to put up on the site.

I want to keep the art available, since I know beginner game devs never have enough art to play with. Enjoy!

TLDR: the art is now free :] I hope you use it in your apps and games. I’d still love it if you drop me a line when you launch an app with my art.

Go forth and create!