Ultimate Achievement Badge Pack #1


The ultimate achievement badge pack! Use these badges for game levels, achievements inside a level, app achievements, and more!

In this pack you get achievement badges featuring: heart; star; chat bubble; light bulb; music note; clock; gem; crown; trophy; key; lock; hourglass; pencil; globe; flag; fire; suitcase; bullseye; question mark; check mark.

20 badges, each in 18 styles! That’s over 350 badges :]

Plus: 9 blank badges to put your own icons on.

First, you get three different shapes: Shield, Circle, and Hexagon.

Then, for each shape, you have six different coloring schemes:

  • Black with colored icons
  • Black with monochrome icons
  • Silver with colored icons
  • Silver with monochrome icons
  • Gold with colored icons
  • Gold with monochrome icons

With all of these style options, you are sure to find badges that make your game shine!

Bonus: With the Ultimate Achievement Badge Pack #1 you also get the Achievement Badge Extras pack for free!

Images: each badge variant comes in 2 sizes: 400×400 pixels and 1000×1000 pixels.

Vectors for the Ultimate Badge Pack 1 are Adobe Illustrator only – no SVG available.

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