Free Game Art: Make A Match-3 Game Like Candy Crush


If you want to make a match-3 game like Candy Crush or Bejeweled, look no further!

You can put together your own complete puzzle game using the following game art: Bakery Street background (free) and the Pastry Icon Set (free). Don’t forget to download the Basic Game Background Tile (free) too!

The Game Art

First off, use this cheerful bakery street scene as your game background. Note that it comes with some buttons and game-over overlays as well.


Next, grab the Pastry Icon set and layer your tasty treats over the Basic Game Background Tile 01:


Now you have all the art you need for this puzzle game!

Code The Game

If you don’t know how to make a game like Candy Crush, have no fear – Matthijs Hollemans over at wrote a two-part tutorial showing you how to use this art and put together the complete game:

How To Make A Game Like Candy Crush


Good luck and have fun!

Made a Game?

If you have made a game with art from this site, I’d love to see it! Post your game, a screenshot, and the game art you used in the game over in the Forums.


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