GameArtGuppy: A Resource for Indie Game Devs

The Inspiration

A few years ago, Ray and I were working on an app which needed background music. We went to a couple websites that sell background music, and purchased a few. We did the same with sound effects.

Ever since then, I’ve thought that it would be great to do the same thing for game art! The only options currently out there are free art and custom art.

The Problem

The trouble with free art is that there’s not enough of it – so it’s unlikely something matches your project perfectly. I’ve been creating free art for tutorials and putting it on my previous blog for a couple years now, but developers clearly wanted more than I had time to make!

The trouble with custom art is twofold: one, it’s expensive. Two, it takes a long time to find an artist and then for the artist to create the art.

Game developers make a lot of games. They don’t always need custom art. Maybe they are practicing, or working on their first few games. Maybe they need decent placeholder art for a game, knowing they can hire an artist to create something custom later. Maybe they are participating in a game jam.

Sometimes you just want a decent background, or character, or set of objects, to get your game rolling. And you want it now – not in three weeks.

Enter GameArtGuppy.

Here you’ll find all the free art I create for tutorials, as well as inexpensive characters and backgrounds ready to make your game look great! I’ve done my best to make it easily searchable so that you can quickly find the art that will suit your game.

Have an idea for art you want to see made? Suggest it in the Forums – that’s where I’ll be looking for ideas!