Build your platformer games with this ice world wintery platformer block and object set! Plus, two awesome bonuses – see below :]

  • Blocks for ice, ground, and snow, with several variations for each. Incline blocks too!
  • Objects to avoid and collect like a little iceberg and a snowflake
  • Trees and an igloo to add to the background or end of a level
  • Snow and ice particles for particle effects
  • User Interface components like blank blocks (one stretchable), icon blocks, icons, and a life bar.

You also get a Notes text document with color and font suggestions, as well as the end cap information for the stretchable UI block.

The vectors for this pack are provided in both an Adobe Illustrator .ai file and separate SVG files.

BONUS: To help you get started quickly, you also get a FREE repeatable background! Repeats vertically and horizontally. You can see it in the mockup photos :] PNG only, 1000×1000 pixels. Resize for your device.

EXTRA BONUS: The Bonus Items pack comes FREE with this platformer world set. A $5-$9 value depending on if you get images or vectors!

That should give you almost everything you need to get your platformer game up and running :] Just add some characters!